3 venues for your business success!

Event Space

Talk about a win-win! You have a FUNomenal event idea featuring your craft or business -- we have a flexible event space in an awesome location and at great price! Let's do it!!!

Up to 3 hours per session

Linked event web registration

Tables and chairs provided

 Free and convenient parking

Proportional pricing that fits your budget!
Space use cost = 1 ticket price

Ex: $30 per ticket = $30 for space use

Pop-Up Place

Bring your goods or services to market in a themed, coordinated, and advertised selling event. Make on-the-spot sales, take orders, expand your network.

Themed in-store sales show

8 hour session

8 coordinated vendors

Tables and chairs provided


/ per event

Marketing Marquee

It's like having your very own storefront, without being there! Market your products or services by leveraging the BYOBcc network, in- person-customer-base, and web presence.

5' X 7' in-store display case

Personalized advertising

Customerpick-up location

Product storage


/ per month

Introductory Offer!

One of each venue, PLUS your choice of an additional bonus venue!

Only $100

Explore the BYOBcc business venue that is right for your product or service!

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